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Here's the scoop...


Dec, 17,
The Two Towers is in Theaters Tomorrow!! Buy tickets, click Here    for a teather near you!!
Dec 13,
Enter to win a Dolby Digital Home Entertainment system, a copy of Electronic Arts new Two Towers video game for PlayStation2 and much more in The Two Towers Battle for Middle-earth Sweepstakes!! Go There now!!
Dec 13,
Learn more about the Elves, like Legolas, Arwen, Galadriel and the rest of Middle-earth's most mystical, beautiful inhabitans. Check
Dec 13,
A Peter Jackson Interview can be read on the official LotR site now!!

"An exclusive two-part conversation with the creative force behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Part One, The Two Towers: Jackson tells behind-the-scenes tales and delivers a sneak peek at what's in store for audiences in Film Two.

Part Two, The Extended Fellowship DVD: The director shares his unique insights and details the making of the disc that's being called the DVD of the Year. "


Click PJ's head for the Interview!!

Dec 12,
Now also Pictures from The Two Towers Premiere in Paris!! Hurry to the Pictures Gallery!!
Dec 12,
5 Pictures of The Two Towers World Premiere added Check them out here::


Dec 10,
The Two Towers soundtrack is now officially released !!
Dec 1,
The first pictures of the Fellowship of the Ring can be seen now, go to the pictures gallery::
Nov, 27,
The latest edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers newsletter has arrived!! A sampling of the updates, behind-the-scenes features, a new theatrical poster and exclusive downloads!!

Official LOTR Film Site

Nov, 26 has provided scans of the first printed review of 'The Two Towers' from HOT DOG Magazine!
The review is located on pages 4 and 5; included in the the rest of the article are interviews with Elijah Wood, Karl Urban and Viggo Mortensen.
Nov 15,
In case you missed it - a gallery of Extended-DVD pics on the Official Site:

"The 4-DVD set contains nearly 2000 photos and conceptual sketches. From these images you will have a chance to see the development of creatures, behind-the-scenes snapshots, and take a closer look at the detailed set and weaponry from the film..."

Get a sample here:

Official LOTR Film Site

Nov 3,
SoundtrackNet and Reprise/WMG Soundtracks are proud to provide you with some clarifying information regarding the upcoming soundtrack releases for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, by Howard Shore. Read More
Oct 31,
It's Peter Jackson's Birthday today!! Hey can you believe he was born the day of halloween!! Happy birthday to our fav' man!!! 
24 Oct,
It's official now, Tomorrow it's Legolas day!! So go learn some Elvish or learn how to work with bow and arrow and wear
green clothes!! For more information check
this site

20 Oct,
Happy Birthday to Viggo Mortensen!! He's 44 now!! He really looks good for someone of his age!! Congrats Viggo!!

Galadriel kisses Frodo for good luck on his quest
Frodo and Galadriel

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