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The Characters

The Characters..!!


The Fellowship
Frodo Baggins..!!
After his parents died in 2980 Frodo was adopted by his wealthy cousin, Bilbo Baggins. When Frodo came of age, Bilbo left Hobbiton leaving Frodo everything, including one, at first sight insignificant ring. The ring later turned out to be the One Ring, so in 3018 Frodo went to Rivendell and there he volunteered to go to Mordor and destroy the Ring. Accompanied by eight more they were the Fellowship of the Ring. Finally, at the cracks of Doom, he couldn't destroy the Ring and claimed it for himself. However, Gollum took care of the destruction of the Ring when he attacked Frodo biting his finger off and together with the Ring Gollum fell into the Cracks of Doom.
Samwise Gamgee (Sam)..!!
Sam led mostly an uninteresting life as Frodo's gardener and bestfriend until he got into the whole Ring thing. His eavesdropping about Elves is what got him involved, but Gandalf choose him to go along more because of his dedication and loyalty to Frodo than anything else. Elrond choose him for this same reason to be the part of the Fellowship. He proved his bravery and loyalty on many occasions during the quest.
Meriadock Brandybuck (Merry)..!!
Together with Pippin, Merry showed Frodo and Sam the way to the Bree. He conspired to accompany Frodo to Rivendell without Frodo ever wanting them to go. Once in Rivendell he was as stubborn as Pippin about going along and was eventually chosen to The Fellowship. In a fight with the orcs, after Boromir dies, him and Pippin were captured by orcs. After their escape they met Treebeard and roused the Ents to go and storm Isengard. There he met king Theoden to whom he pledged his allegiance. He rode to Gondor with Drenhelm and fought at the Battle of Pelennor Fields where he helped avenge Theoden's death. He nearly got killed by the Black Breath but was cured by Aragorn. After the War of the Ring he was knighted in Rohan and was very respected there.
Peregrin Took (Pippin)..!!
A good Friend of Frodo, who also joins the Fellowship. During the quest he did some stupid things which almost whiped him out of the fellowship, because Gandalf wasn't too pleased about it. but his worth was also proven on more than one occasion like when he aided the Ents in the storming of Isengard. In the final battle of the War of the Ring he nearly died being crushed by a body of a mountain troll, but thanks-god Gimli saved him.
Gandalf the Grey..!!
Gandalf, a wizzard, was sent to Middle-earth to aid it's people.Gandalf was also the bearer of Narya, one of the elvish rings, the Ring of Fire. He worked for over 2000 years to try and destroy Sauron and his efforts are the main cause for the eventual downfall of Sauron. Soon after Bilbo gave the ring to Frodo, Gandalf suspected it was indeed what it was and when the time was right took action sending Frodo to Rivendell to attend the Council of Elrond to set the quest to Mt. Doom in motion. Gandalf was the only one at the Council who knew the full history of the Ring and Sauron and the importance of it all. Although he fell battling the Balrog in Moria he was sent back to Middle Earth as Gandalf the White to finish the job.
Aragorn ('Strider')
Argorn, raised by the lord of Rivendell, Elrond, met the love of his life, when he was only twenty. She's called Arwen, daughter of Elrond, an immortal elf. But Elrond would not permit marriage until Aragorn reclaimed his throne and proved himself worthy. At the time of the War of the Ring Aragorn was the sixteenth and last chieftain of the Dunedain of Arnor. He met Gandalf in 2098 after which they became friends and allies. In 3018 he came to Bree to meet Frodo and protect him on his quest to destroy the Ring. After Gandalf was lost to the Balrog in Moria, Aragorn assumed the leadership of the Fellowship leading them up to Parth Galen. In the War of the Ring he played a prominent role in rounding up Saruman's forces at Hornburg. He led the Dead Men of Dunharrow and captured the fleet at Pelargir. His arrival with these new forces at Pelennor Fields saved Gondor.
Legolas Greenleaf..!!
The son of the king of Mirkwood, Legolas traveled to Rivendell to take part at the Council of Elrond. There he was chosen to represent the Elves in the Fellowship. Legolas is great with bow and arrow and his keen eyesight were a great asset to the Fellowship. After the breaking of the fellowship, Frodo and Sam decided to go alone to Mordor, Merry and Pippin taken by the orcs and Boromir's death, Legolas decided to join Aragorn and Gimli to find the Hobbits and he also fought at the battle at Hornburg. In Gondor he took part at the Battle of Pelennor Fields. There he had his first sight of the Sea and wanted to sail ever since. After the War he traveled Middle Earth with Gimli with whom he became best friends
Together with his father Gloin, Gimli came to Rivendell to attend the Council of Elrond and was chosen to represent the Dwarves, great miners and
craftsmen of the mountain halls in the Fellowship. He was the first Dwarf to enter Lothlorien since Durin's Day. He was so enchanted by the beauty of Galadriel he asked for a lock of her hair as a parting gift when the Fellowship departed from Lothlorien. During the quest he became close friends with Legolas and after the War of the Ring he traveled Middle Earth with him. He also aided a band of Dwarfish smiths in rebuilding the gates of Gondor in mithril and gold.
Boromir..!! Oldest son of Denethor ||, Boromor was very proud of his city and name. There he was sent to Rivendell where he was chosen for the Fellowship. Valiant in battle as he proved on many occasions Boromir is responsible for saving the lives of the Hobbits in the Fellowship at Caradhras when they were surprised by a blizzard. However, lure of the Ring proved too much for him. Ever since he learned about the Ring and its whereabouts he wanted it for himself. Finally he snapped at Amon Hen and tried to take the Ring from Frodo. He showed remorse afterwards but Frodo was too freaked by this and decided to make a run for it and take his chances alone in Mordor. Shortly after, Boromir died after defending Merry and Pippin from attacking Orcs.